Messy Church


There are no Messy Church events planned at the present time but why not come to our Family Craft and Carols event on 11th December?  Click here for details

PLEASE NOTE: Free parking is available in the car park of Magna Carta School very near the church. Please do not park in St John’s Road as it is residents’ only parking and you are likely to get a parking ticket!

So what IS Messy Church?

Not to be confused with Messy Play (which is just for under-5s), nor just about doing messy creative crafts (although we might do some of those too), Messy Church is so called in the sense that all our lives are messy – real, imperfect and not always tidy or orderly.  Messy Church is about coming as we are – without needing to define what we do, or do not believe or know. We take away from the session whatever thoughts we choose, while meeting with others in a fun and friendly atmosphere. It is Church because there are opportunities to find out a little more about God, or to celebrate some of the good things in our lives with a choice of activities and responses. In some of the most famous Bible stories God welcomes imperfect people with open arms – messy lives and all!  We aim to provide a similarly warm welcome to everyone, whether coming for the first time or seasoned regulars who know to expect a time of fun, informality and friendliness.