Jan 2018 God always loves us

It was good to welcome 58 ‘regulars’ plus one new family to our first session for 2018. The theme of God always loves us was explored through a range of activities including making playdough pigs, marshmallow pigs on biscuits, and home sweet home cards – what you love and would miss in your home.  There was an opportunity for messy play down on the farm and a chance to guess the smells as well as our usual quiet table for reading, colouring and doing puzzles. You can enlarge the pictures below by clicking on them.



The theme was further explored through the celebration, after which everyone enjoyed drinks, sandwiches and cakes.



Join us for our next events on Good Friday 30th March 3.30 – 5 pm in St John’s Hall. This is a change from our usual venue as St Mary’s School is closed for the Easter holidays.