About us and what we do

Coronavirus Update

All the churches in Stansted are now open for Sunday worship although some are also  broadcasting live services on Sunday mornings.  Please see the individual churches’ websites for further information.

Churches Together in Stansted is a forum, made up of representatives from the five churches in Stansted.  The forum meets three times a year to share news from the churches and to oversee events such as Lent Groups, Messy Church, Harvest Supper, Foodbank, Christmas on The Green, Carol Singing, Christian Aid fundraising, Shoebox fundraising and packing,  Usually small subgroups organises these events, and any other occasional events such as Election Hustings.   To find out more about the individual churches, please follow the links below.

Stansted Free Church (Methodist and United reformed) http://www.stanstedfreechurch.org.uk

St John’s (Anglican)             http://www.thefivechurches.org.uk

St Theresa’s (Catholic) https://www.sttheresastansted.org

Society of Friends (Quakers) https://stansted.quakermeeting.org

Stansted Family Church http://stanstedfamilychurch.com/