We are making scrubs (part of the PPE) for Addenbrookes Hospital and welcome more sewers.  Our first batch shown below are already in use. You don’t need to be  fantastic dressmaker but you need to have some experience of dressmaking and have a zig-zag machine or overlocker.  If you would like to help, please complete the contact form and include your telephone number.  Thank you.

Scrubs - ready to wear



Due to the Coronavirus our collection points in the churches are no longer available, so items should be taken to the collecting boxes in the Co-op or St Mary’s School (donations can longer be taken to Spangles).  We need the following items which must not be near their expiry  date:
Tinned custard and rice pudding, boxed breakfast cereals, fruit juice, tinned fruit, tinned fish, tinned vegetables and sweetcorn, biscuits, small jars of coffee and jam, toilet rolls. Please note that we do not need soup or baked beans. We no longer need any financial donations, thanks to the very generous contributions received to date.
Although our normal drop off points inside the churches are not available, there is a collection box outside the blue main door of the Free Church where you can deposit ink cartridges and stamps. Alternatively items can be left in the porch of 7 Blythwood Gardens. For health reasons we are not collecting dental products at the current time.

Thank you